Consultant/Coach Sociocracy: Collaborative Governance

Beginning around 1970, Gerard Endenburg developed an organizational management and governance method called the Sociocratic Circle-organization Method (SCM), while managing his electrical engineering corporation, Endenburg Electrotechnik, in the Netherlands. The theoretical and philosophical basis for the SCM was sociocracy, meaning governance by the socios - colleagues, associates, companions, a group with some common social relationship.

Client Testimonials:

Effective Flow of Information

Sociocracy is very effective at creating flow of information between the broadest and the narrowest perspectives from which people work at the University.

~ Dr. Edward Clift, Dean, The School of Media Culture and Design at Woodbury University, Burbank, California

Fewer Meetings, Better Decisions

We adopted sociocracy and all of a sudden there is a room full of empowered people helping make decisions. People feel different. I’d say that at the end of 100% of our circle meetings - where we set policy - everyone says, 'My goodness. I feel so much more energized.' We have fewer meetings over time as we’ve implemented sociocracy, the decisions are better, and the follow-through is better because everyone’s on board.

~ Paul Kervick, Outreach Coordinator and Board Member, Vermont

Feels Natural

Sociocracy is a process that feels natural. It's like getting a new game from the toy store. Some games you're agonizing over the rule book trying to figure it out. Other games you're playing within 15 minutes – sociocracy is like that. A person coming into the company can quickly plug in. And the decision making process speaks for itself.

~  Joe Garrison, Co-owner, Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe cooperative, Astoria, Oregon

Perfectly Suited to Deep Transformation

Sociocracy allowed the Institut français to develop by strengthening the commitment and cohesion of its personnel around its educational and community mission in a particularly difficult development context. Sociocracy allows a human relations management style perfectly suited to environments in deep transformation. Undoubtedly, this was the key to the success of the Institut français.

~ Dominique Sarny, former Director of the Institut français, University of Regina, Saskatchewan


With Gerard Endenburg at the Sociocracy International Conference, Namur 2018

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2014 Gathering of consultants in sociocracy in Montréal, QC


Sociocracy International Conference, Namur 2018

Pense Transformation Consulting

Partnership and Collaboration

Co-founder and currently CEO of The Sociocracy Consulting Group (TSCG), I am privileged to work with a fantastic team of experts in sociocracy.

TSCG team retreat - hiking in Tilden Regional Park, Orinda, California
TSCG team retreat - hiking in Tilden Regional Park, Orinda, California


Meeting Facilitation

Pense Transformation Consulting

What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is the art of making your discussions flow more easily.

Be it for a team meeting, a strategic planning session, or a multi-sectorial gathering, I can facilitate your discussions with transparency and efficiency, providing concrete and durable results.

My facilitation approach is enriched with the integration of various tools including interest-based negotiation, appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, graphic facilitation and common sense.

2016 Rendez-vous fransaskois, Regina, Saskatchewan
2016 Rendez-vous fransaskois, Regina, Saskatchewan

Interest-based Negotiation

The principles and methods of interest-based negotiation, also known as win-win negotiation, were defined by R. Fisher et W. Ury, Harvard Negotiation Project founders.

Yes, conflict can be positive! When managing conflict with a method such as interest-based negotiation, the parties involved will resolve the issue to their mutual satisfaction. This will happen without having to use pressure tactics and/or intimidation.

Appreciative Inquiry

"The way we see things is the source of the way we think and the way we act."

(Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People)

The result of intensive research, recognized world-wide, appreciative inquiry draws out the best of the person, the best of the group. It's a way to experience change and to cultivate collaboration within a team.

Emotional Intelligence

"True compassion means not only feeling another's pain but also being moved to help relieve it."

(Daniel Goleman, American author/psychologist)

Our listening capacity, our compassion, and our respect towards others are the keys to foster collaboration and productivity on projects.

Pense Transformation Consulting
Pense Transformation Consulting

Graphic Facilitation

"A picture is worth a thousand words."

(Confucius, philosopher)

Adding images to words in my facilitation work: combining joy and efficiency! I trained in this skill with renowned graphic facilitator, Christina Merkley, who hails from Victoria, BC. in December 2015.

Common Sense

"To act with common sense, according to the moment is the best wisdom I know."
(Horace Walpole, English Historian, and politician)

I do my best to look for the meaning of life while using common sense. As an essential life tool, common sense helps me discern possible solutions, pertinent practices, and concrete actions.

Supported by my life experience, my aim is to contribute to the well-being of organizations and enterprises, of communities and of individuals.

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Facilitation for the
Table des élus du réseau associatif fransaskois
January 2015


First Aid for Mental Health

ALGEES...first aid ...mental health... can you guess the connection?

I am certified by the Mental Health Commission of Canada to provide mental health first aid training where participants learn the Action Plan known as ALGEES.

On the course of twelve hours, you will learn about substance-related disorders, mood-related disorders, anxiety, and trauma-related disorders and psychotic disorders. Twelve hours to practice crisis first aid skills, the 5-step Action Plan ALGEES.

aérie geste de base EN
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After twelve hours, you will be certified to provide first aid in mental health. You will be able to:

  • 1 Provide support and immediate advice in a safe environment.
  • 2 Easily have a conversation regarding questions on mental health, mental illness, and mental health problems.
  • 3 Provide information regarding professional help and other types of help.

You are listening to me when...

  • When you come quietly into my private world and let me be.
  • You really try to understand me when I do not make sense.
  • You grasp my point of view when it goes against your sincere conviction.
  • You realize the hour I took from you has left you feeling a bit tired and drained.
  • You didn’t tell me the funny story you were just bursting to tell me.
  • You allowed me the dignity of making my own decisions even though you felt I was wrong.
  • You didn’t take my problem from me but trusted me to deal with it in my own way.
  • You gave me enough room to discover for myself why I felt upset and enough time to think for myself what was best.
  • You held back the desire to give me good advice.
  • You accepted my gift of gratitude by telling me it was good to know I had been helped.

Tell, Ask, Listen, KeepSafe

Whether directly or indirectly, most people with thoughts of suicide will ask for help to stay safe. Help-seeking is encouraged by open, direct, and honest talk about suicide. Learn how to connect a person with thoughts of suicide to a suicide first-aid intervention caregiver.

I am certified by LivingWorks to provide safeTALK training where you will learn to move beyond common tendencies to miss, dismiss, or avoid suicide.

safeTALK is a 3.5-hour training that prepares you to recognize these invitations and connect a person with thoughts of suicide to intervention resources.

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Source for image: safeTALK training by LivingWorks

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Love Celebrations


What an honour to be a witness to the engagement and love expressed by two people! As a marriage commissioner for the province of Saskatchewan, I bring to each marriage celebration a unique approach showcasing each couple's love and aspirations.

For more details, see my website.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

French author

« Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction.»

Renewal of Your Vows

Celebrate your life as a couple by renewing the vows you shared 5, 10, 20, or 50 years ago! All anniversaries are good!

Mindful of your expectations, I can design a celebration that highlights the fruit of your love together.

For more details, see my website.